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Fog Over The Mississippi

Hey, there! No, I haven’t disappeared off the face of the earth. LOL I’ve been working and haven’t had a ton of time for my art. Plus, I started off 2016 with seemingly endless circle of The Plague invading my house. But, this weekend, there was an incredible fog over the Mississippi River and I […]

Sleep with the Fishes

Heh. Now, don’t panic. There aren’t any pictures of mob snitches floating under water here. But, I couldn’t resist the 1930s film noir reference on this picture that I kind of just took on a whim and ended up really liking!  This is one of those exhibits at the St. Louis Zoo where you walk under the […]

The Naked Truth

There is one permanent resident of Compton Hill Reservoir Park, always present and enjoying the pond and the beautiful architecture. She caused quite a sensation when she first arrived in St. Louis, because she’s, well, naked and remains that way to this day. She’s called “The Naked Truth” and is a memorial to three editors […]