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The Pirate of the Caribbean

One more of my favorite portraits I took at the St. Louis Renaissance Faire. No fancy edits today. Just a straight portrait. I don’t think this guy needs an introduction. Do you?  Hey, that’s Jack Sparrow! Right!? Well, yes, but it’s not Johnny Depp. But, honestly, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference. This is […]

The Windsor Harbor Road Bridge

In Kimmswick, MO, The Hubs and I came across this historic bridge – The Windsor Harbor Road Bridge.  This Keystone Bridge Company bridge started its life in the Carondelet neighborhood in 1874, making it the same age at the more iconic Eads Bridge. It originally crossed the River des Peres at Ivory Avenue. In 1928, it […]

Wee Lassies of The Scots Glen

Another of my favorite pictures I’ve taken at the St. Louis Renaissance Faire this season is this one of two adorable little girls, playing their recorders near the wooden bridge into the Scots area of the faire. Although you could imagine these two darling girls are right out of the pages of a Scottish history book, […]

It’s Happy Hour Somewhere, Right?

After yesterday’s long, photo-heavy post, we’re going to kick back and take it easy for Friday. Wandering around the tiny, historic town of Kimmswick, MO, with The Hubs, we came upon this old barn that really spoke to me. I can’t imagine why… I want a barn…with a wine garden…full of wine…Is it too early […]