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Fog Over The Mississippi

Hey, there! No, I haven’t disappeared off the face of the earth. LOL I’ve been working and haven’t had a ton of time for my art. Plus, I started off 2016 with seemingly endless circle of The Plague invading my house. But, this weekend, there was an incredible fog over the Mississippi River and I […]

Headshots for The Girl Child

So, my darling daughter dreams of being a working actress. She’s actually very good. I know, every parent says that about their child. LOL But, her directors and her vocal teacher have high regard for her talent and she’s racking up quite an amateur resume already. And so, she needed some headshots and I needed […]

Through the Gate

This is made from a picture I took last summer and decided to turn into an art piece. It’s just outside the Missouri Botanical Gardens’ Japanese Garden. I took several, but this lent itself to creatively blowing out that section you can see through the opening and going for a soft, dreamlike feel… I am, […]