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The Covered Bridge

We had a family photoshoot scheduled at a covered bridge which I had not heard of before. So, we got to the location early, just in case I got lost on my way (which has been known to happen.) The Sandy Creek Covered Bridge is a gorgeous little spot with lots of history and, less […]

The Owl

Earlier this fall, The Hubs and I visited the World Bird Sanctuary here in St. Louis and saw some of the most gorgeous and, in some cases, endangered birds anywhere. The residents of the Sanctuary are there because they’ve been injured or for some reason cannot survive in the wild on their own. We got […]

The Lemp Brewery

In St. Louis, it doesn’t get much more Gothic than the Lemp family and their brewery and mansion. The history of the family, their haunted mansion, and their brewery reads like Gothic fiction. The Lemp family name still towers over St. Louis today, although the family has long since passed into history and mystery. If […]

The Cemetery

Today’s Gothic installment is of the cemetery nearby to yesterday’s Gothic gates. Perfect pairing, isn’t it? This is from the national cemetery. The symmetry of the rows of historic – and heroic – graves is simply breathtaking. You can purchase prints of this work HERE. (I would love for you to come back to visit, […]

Bee Tree House (of HORROR! Hahaha)

I’m kicking off a week of some of my favorite Gothic(ish)-themed images. I love taking pictures with a Gothic or vaguely creepy tinge to them. I guess it’s a natural offshoot of my love of Film Noir and horror movies and all that. But, invariably, I’ll take a beautiful picture of something and try to […]