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Desiree Cosplay “Red Sonja” Photoshoot

Today, I’m sharing a few of my favorite shots from our weekend shoot with the awesome Desiree Cosplay, showcasing her incredible Red Sonja cosplay. To see all the shots, head over to our Facebook album. But, before you do, be sure to scroll down this post! You don’t want to miss my favorites while you’re here! […]

McPike Mansion Photo Tour – Pt 3

Wednesday, I shared part one of the McPike Mansion photo tour and, yesterday, I shared part two. Today, we participate in a Seance and finish out the tour! After we got to look inside the upstairs of the house and had the presentation on the family history of the property, a very nice lady took center stage. […]

McPike Mansion Photo Tour – Pt 2

So, yesterday, I shared part one of the McPike Mansion Photo Tour, put together by the owners of the mansion and the Alton Area Photography Group. Today, we take a look at what happened after dark! 😀  The mansion itself is still condemned, even though the owners have put a lot of money into it already […]

McPike Mansion Photo Tour – Pt 1

The Hubs and I were really excited this past Sunday night, because we were getting to take part in a photo tour of the infamous haunted house, the McPike Mansion, an event put together by the Alton Area Photography Group! I’m splitting up the pictures I took at the McPike Mansion into multiple posts, because I […]

The Girl Child – Ghost Huntress

So, Sunday night, The Hubs and I had joined an event being hosted for an Alton area photography group at the McPike Mansion, one of the most haunted houses in the Midwest and once featured on a television program documenting the Scariest Places on Earth. And, now that she’s got some free time, as her run as […]