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Tower Grove House

The Missouri Botanical Gardens, also called Shaw’s Garden by native St. Louisans, was gifted to our city by Henry Shaw, after being inspired by his travels to Europe and the great gardens and estates he saw there. He wanted to create such a garden for the residents of his adopted hometown. He also built his […]

The Lady in the Gazebo…

If you ever get the chance to visit the Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis, don’t pass it up. On Saturday mornings, for those who live in St. Louis and immediately surrounding counties, admission is free until 9am. The garden is open year round and there is never a bad time to visit. One a […]

The Lemp Brewery

In St. Louis, it doesn’t get much more Gothic than the Lemp family and their brewery and mansion. The history of the family, their haunted mansion, and their brewery reads like Gothic fiction. The Lemp family name still towers over St. Louis today, although the family has long since passed into history and mystery. If […]

Bee Tree House (of HORROR! Hahaha)

I’m kicking off a week of some of my favorite Gothic(ish)-themed images. I love taking pictures with a Gothic or vaguely creepy tinge to them. I guess it’s a natural offshoot of my love of Film Noir and horror movies and all that. But, invariably, I’ll take a beautiful picture of something and try to […]