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Rainy Sunday in the City

Took this last weekend, while The Hubs and I were exploring downtown. Loved the perspective of the modern buildings with the peek of the gothic City Hall building in the background. And the rain.   I went for a little moody on this process, with just a touch of HDR. Just a bit of the cinematic […]

McPike Mansion Photo Tour – Pt 3

Wednesday, I shared part one of the McPike Mansion photo tour and, yesterday, I shared part two. Today, we participate in a Seance and finish out the tour! After we got to look inside the upstairs of the house and had the presentation on the family history of the property, a very nice lady took center stage. […]

McPike Mansion Photo Tour – Pt 2

So, yesterday, I shared part one of the McPike Mansion Photo Tour, put together by the owners of the mansion and the Alton Area Photography Group. Today, we take a look at what happened after dark! 😀  The mansion itself is still condemned, even though the owners have put a lot of money into it already […]

McPike Mansion Photo Tour – Pt 1

The Hubs and I were really excited this past Sunday night, because we were getting to take part in a photo tour of the infamous haunted house, the McPike Mansion, an event put together by the Alton Area Photography Group! I’m splitting up the pictures I took at the McPike Mansion into multiple posts, because I […]

The Girl Child – Ghost Huntress

So, Sunday night, The Hubs and I had joined an event being hosted for an Alton area photography group at the McPike Mansion, one of the most haunted houses in the Midwest and once featured on a television program documenting the Scariest Places on Earth. And, now that she’s got some free time, as her run as […]