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Let’s Raise Some Dollars!

I was going to create a “Seasons” quad for one of my entries into an art show this month, but actually, I found a better home for it – as a donation print for one of my favorite charities Savings Dogs of Missouri, the animal rescue group I drive transports for! There are few beings […]

Sleep with the Fishes

Heh. Now, don’t panic. There aren’t any pictures of mob snitches floating under water here. But, I couldn’t resist the 1930s film noir reference on this picture that I kind of just took on a whim and ended up really liking!  This is one of those exhibits at the St. Louis Zoo where you walk under the […]

The Brat Pack

Since you met the fur-cousins yesterday, I thought I would take a minute today to “formally” introduce you to the Brat Pack! Just a little fun for Saturday. Proper portraiture need not apply today. LOL On any given day, this is likely how you would find my couch: Needless to say, keeping the dogs off […]

The Owl

Earlier this fall, The Hubs and I visited the World Bird Sanctuary here in St. Louis and saw some of the most gorgeous and, in some cases, endangered birds anywhere. The residents of the Sanctuary are there because they’ve been injured or for some reason cannot survive in the wild on their own. We got […]

Shona Skye Goes to the Dogs! (Facts & A Tutorial!)

If you know me or have noticed the plethora of pictures and links scattered around the side columns of my blog, you know I’m a big advocate for animal welfare and promoting adoption and rescue over shopping the pet stores that are frequently stocked by puppy mills. I want to share some facts today that […]