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Let’s Raise Some Dollars!

I was going to create a “Seasons” quad for one of my entries into an art show this month, but actually, I found a better home for it – as a donation print for one of my favorite charities Savings Dogs of Missouri, the animal rescue group I drive transports for! There are few beings […]

Junior Ring Macro Photography Experiment

So, last night was the family-inclusive Junior Ring ceremony for my daughter’s Class of 2017. It was a new event and really nice. The parents were given the rings before the ceremony and, at an announced time, each parent would present their student with their ring. We also had the Girl Child’s best friend and […]

Desiree Cosplay “Red Sonja” Photoshoot

Today, I’m sharing a few of my favorite shots from our weekend shoot with the awesome Desiree Cosplay, showcasing her incredible Red Sonja cosplay. To see all the shots, head over to our Facebook album. But, before you do, be sure to scroll down this post! You don’t want to miss my favorites while you’re here! […]