A Day at Ikea

So, I’m back after a week off for my birthday on November 1st! Hope y’all had a great week! I spent my birthday at the new Ikea store here in St. Louis! Don’t judge! I LOVED it! (Don’t judge my pictures either. I just used my Galaxy Note 4 and I was pretty excited. Heh.)

St. Louis, MO, Missouri,

I’m actually in desperate need to do some stuff to my kitchen, create a photography workstation for just me (everyone in the house has their own space except me, so my “workspace” is the kitchen table, which is fun at dinner time), get new furniture for my living room (which I want to move towards a more Vintage Industrial/Steampunk look), and, in general, find a bunch of little odds n’ sods I never knew I needed!

St. Louis, MO, Missouri
Right off the bat, I found the kind of workstation I need. There is also a drop-down shelf/desk that would be even better, since I’m going to have to incorporate this into my already-small kitchen.
St. Louis, MO, Missouri
I found a “Dream” kitchen, but I would need to lose my living room to have it. LOL Still, it was awesome enough to warrant the Panorama mode on my phone.
St. Louis, MO, Missouri
The Hubs bought me lunch at the restaurant there, which was a delicious Veggie Wrap, healthy benefits the healthy benefits of which were cancelled out by the obscenely large slice of the richest chocolate cake I’ve ever eaten. LOL Hey, it was my birthday!
St. Louis, MO, Missouri

We had a beautiful view of St. Louis from the wall of windows. While I gorged myself on chocolate pie. Heh. 
St. Louis, MO, Missouri

I found this awesome hanging lamp that opens and closes. I have dubbed it The Death Star Light Fixture. I want it. I want a lot of stuff. I think I found the kitchen table I want. I got some chairs from my nephew that, with some creative work from me, ought to work great. And I found a sofa I want. And I’ve already bought all new utensils, kitchen tools, towels, caddies, rugs…LOL I’ve had some fun.

Plus, I found the Ikea app for my phone. So, now I’m making up shopping lists. For my next visit. Which will probably be really, really soon…LOL

Thanks for stopping by today!

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