Fountain Magic

So, I got to working on this shot I took of a local fountain. I’m playing with my painty-heavy-color techniques again, sort of the style I play with when I’m doing my RenFaire photos. But, of course, when I took the picture initially, I had temporary blindness and didn’t see the big fat trash can right in the front. Maybe I was overly tired. Or just not paying attention. But, here, see what you think.

St. Louis, MO, Missouri, Union Station, The Two Rivers Fountain, Downtown, SOOC

Wait, what? Oh, you don’t see a big ugly trash can right there in the front? I know, right?!?! Heh. I am hardly a Photoshop master at removing entire objects with nary a trace, but I worked on this while watching Netflix (The “Wallander” series, incidentally, with Kenneth Branagh. Highly recommended, but it’s heavy and more than a little dark and depressing.) Anyway, I worked and worked in tiny increments and I don’t think I did half bad! Here’s the original, SOOC shot for your consideration:

St. Louis, MO, Missouri, Union Station, The Two Rivers Fountain, Downtown, SOOC

So, I don’t know if this is it finished, but the trash can is gone and I’m pretty happy with that. LOL Maybe I’ll try some other techniques later. But, for right now, I’m all Harry Potter up in here. LOL

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