Playing with Alternate Edits (While I Can)

OK, I know, now that the St. Louis Renaissance Faire is over, I have to go back to editing in the lighter and airier styles popular today in portrait photography for clients, which is cool, don’t get me wrong! I love when a client is really happy with a package! But, getting to play with artsy finishes and techniques during RenFaire season is one of my most favorite, self-indulgent things to do. LOL (Hey, I shoot the faire for my own fun, so I guess that makes me my own client, right? There you go. It’s not “self-indulgent.” It’s keeping the client happy. Heh.)

This is an alternate take on one of the pictures I posted in my RenFaire Facebook album.

St. Louis Renaissance Faire, Death, St. Louis, MO, Missouri, Cosplay, Costume

This woman is a crazy talented local makeup artist and costume designer and her costume for Faire was one of my absolute favorites to see walking in the village streets. There are a few other pictures of her in my album, including at least one of her full ensemble. There were about a dozen different poses and angle shots I would have loved to have gotten, but there just isn’t the time or space at faire. And, besides, that would have been just freaking rude on my part. LOL

But, anyway, you can see why some of my Faire edits wouldn’t be in high demand for my regular portrait photography clients, so I’m indulging my creative side big time while I can. Heh.

But, if you are a prospective client who would like something odd, I’m probably your girl…just saying… *snort*

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