Monthly Archives: June 2015

It’s Happy Hour Somewhere, Right?

After yesterday’s long, photo-heavy post, we’re going to kick back and take it easy for Friday. Wandering around the tiny, historic town of Kimmswick, MO, with The Hubs, we came upon this old barn that really spoke to me. I can’t imagine why… I want a barn…with a wine garden…full of wine…Is it too early […]

Inside the Compton Hill Water Tower

If you remember, a while back, I introduced you to the Compton Hill Water Tower & The Reservoir Park. A beautiful old structure and surrounding park that I had never even visited, even though I’ve lived here my entire life. LOL Well, I found out during my visit that, once a month during the spring and summer, […]

“The Way”

A few weeks back, The Hubs and I took the afternoon and went to Laumeier Sculpture Park here in St. Louis. It’s a beautiful park, full of modern sculpture and walking trails. Since the 1980s, the largest sculpture, Liberman’s “The Way,” has been the symbol of the park itself. Constructed from eighteen oil tankers, the […]