Monthly Archives: May 2015

A Day at The St. Louis Renaissance Faire

So, we’ve spent the past two weekends, at the St. Louis Renaissance Faire. We are there this weekend, too, and we will be there for the last two of faire season! Why? Because it’s just what we do. The Girl Child has worked for one of the food vendors for six years now (The Dragon’s Breath Grill […]


Look! My Dahlias are blooming!  We’ve been so busy the last couple of weeks, I hadn’t really noticed, but look at that! I’ve never grown them before. I wanted to grow Black Dahlias, but I couldn’t find any. Maybe that’s just murder cases. LOL  I do love the colors, though. I’ll have to keep these […]

Abandoned House

I had two options with this shot. 1) Climb a hill that was way overgrown and probably infested with snakes and giant flesh-eating bugs or 2) opt for an “artsy” perspective, while staying relatively clean and safe on the gravel road below the mountain of death standing between me and said abandoned house. Sooooo yeah…I […]