The Devil Drinks Coffee

This past March, I was accepted into MySLArt’s “33March” Juried art show at The Old Orchard Gallery. After the opening reception, The Hubs and I went to get a late night cup of coffee and I snapped this “portrait” of him at the diner.

Black & White portrait, Skull Ring, Art Show,, St. Louis, MO

With that skull ring he likes to wear, I jokingly called it “The Devil Drinks Coffee” and gave it to him. The Hubs liked it so much, he talked me into post-processing it and submitting it for consideration to the “33April” show and I’m danged if it didn’t get accepted, along with two other pieces of mine! More after the jump…

The Hubs and I even got our own picture taken in front of my display by the official photographer. LOL He doesn’t look very devilish when you see the rest of him, does he?

Artist Kristy Creighton and her chauffer. Artwork by Vincent Dyer on the left.

Posted by Jenn Sarti Photography on Sunday, March 22, 2015

The “33April” show is tonight! Wouldn’t it be fun if “The Devil Drinks Coffee” takes home a prize? Fingers crossed!

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