Shapes! Symmetry! And a Turtle!

Oh, look! Kristy went to a beautiful park and, right off the bat, her OCD mind was completely captivated by the symmetry of the back of The World’s Fair Pavilion at Forest Park. While The Hubs was enjoying the expansive views, I was all, like, OOH! ORDER!

Rear of The Grand Pavilion, Forest Park, St. Louis, MO

Where is the turtle, you say? After the jump, of course…

So, yeah, I totally laid flat on the filthy parking lot to line that up just right. Because, it had to be just right. Because I’m weird. Not because it will be a great art shot. But, because if I get home and import it and it’s a smidge off, I’m liable to throw things. LOL

Oh, and just off to the left there is this guy, being eterally cute…

Turtle sculpture at the rear of The Grand Pavilion, Forest Park, St. Louis, MO

It’s seems to have been donated in memory of someone, which I think is very cool. Much better than having a slab of marble amidst eleventy-billion other slabs of marble in a death garden no one but creepy photographers like me want to visit anyway…I would like to be remembered with a turtle. Or, better yet, dogs. A dog park. Make me a memorial fire hydrant! LOL

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