Monthly Archives: April 2015

The World’s Fair Pavilion

OK, so I did finally pull myself away from the awesome symmetry I shared in yesterday’s post and went around to the stunning front of Forest Park’s beautiful World’s Fair pavilion. The fountains aren’t going yet, but that doesn’t make it any less gorgeous. Built in 1909 with proceeds from the 1904 World’s Fair held […]

The Naked Truth

There is one permanent resident of Compton Hill Reservoir Park, always present and enjoying the pond and the beautiful architecture. She caused quite a sensation when she first arrived in St. Louis, because she’s, well, naked and remains that way to this day. She’s called “The Naked Truth” and is a memorial to three editors […]

Three Versions of Reservoir Park

After having missed this little gem of a park for the entirety of my 4+ decades on this earth, I found Reservoir Park to be completely charming! But, like I said before, this particular day was drizzly, gray, chilly, and nothing was in bloom yet, although we did have the charm of a nice lady […]