The Week in Review

Hey, it’s Sunday again! Did you follow along the first part of my Day in the City with The Hubs? Let’s see if you missed anything…

Review of the Week's Posts on Shona Skye Creative

Monday, we kicked off the week with The Happiest Corner:

Old Building in Soulard, St. Louis, MO

Tuesday, we met up with some hungry Gargoyles:

Eagle Gargoyle on the side of Anheuser-Busch building

Jay stopped by with a serene Wordless Wednesday:

Small pond in Forest Park, St. Louis, MO

Thursday, we visited The Littlest Building at Anheuser-Busch:

Old Anheuser-Busch Shipping Office St. Louis MO

It was A Long Way Down to get to Friday:

Fire Escape on the side of an older building in downtown St. Louis MO

And, we headed Back to Nature for Saturday:

Small Bird Sanctuary Birdhouse on Grant's Trail St. Louis MO

Be sure to come back tomorrow! I’ve got some more to share from my Day in the City and even a trip across the river!

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