The Happiest Corner in the ‘Lou

Hi, there! Hey, I’m back! I had a fantastic week off with the family and have lots to share. Spring Break was soooooo needed this year! We are all so busy doing our own stuff these days. It used to be easier when the kids were little. Now, they are driving and working and hanging out with friends. Plus, The Hubs is always busy with his job. I’m glad we decided to put the breaks on for a week and say enough!

So, let’s kick off Monday with a smile, shall we? And don’t miss the bonus picture after the jump!

The Happy Corner-1

One of the things The Hubster and I did was to just take a couple of days for ourselves (because, let’s be honest – young adults simply cannot spend the entire week with their parents. LOL) We decided to muck about St. Louis and see all the sights – mostly those that no one else really cares much about. Hey, google the Arch and you get a bajillion hits. Google The Happy Corner in St. Louis and no one knows what you’re talking about.

Well, this is what I’m talking about. I love the old tile wall. The old buildings. The big “Smile” above the door. The crooked brick sidewalk. Who doesn’t love this stuff?

The Happy Corner-2

I figured starting out with The Happy Corner was a good omen for our day. Time for a cup of coffee. Open-mouthed smile

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