So, I Entered An Art Show…

Yep! I did. I’m pretty much an introvert, but I did finally enter three of my pictures into MySLArt’s “33February” juried art exhibit and the opening reception was held this past Friday, February 28th!

So I Entered An Art Show

Originally, the show was supposed to be on the 20th, but the winter storm warnings we were under had the organizers decide that it would be prudent to postpone it until the following Friday… holds a juried art exhibit on the 3rd Friday of every month. You can submit up to three works and they will select only 33 artists to display for each show. The Hubs and my partner, Jay, have been after me since last year to enter this show, but I never quite got around to it. I always missed the submission date, forgot about it, or failed to decide on what to enter. That’s a huge problem of mine, to be honest.

I actually have a horrible time picking works to submit for consideration. I wanted something of a variety, but I am the absolute worst at objectively assessing and making final decisions on my own stuff. So, I literally just polled my friends and family as to what they thought I should enter. I finally settled on The Record Store, First Snow, and End of the Line.

So I Entered An Art Show-1

I will admit I was tickled when I received the Official Acceptance Email, but I had no idea of what to do then! I had a MySLArt profile, but I had never filled it out. Plus, they wanted a QR code on my artist tags, but since I didn’t know what artist tag was or how to make a QR code, I felt like I was already going to be the biggest Dork at the Dance. LOL

Needless to say, my first QR codes turned out to be wrong (those in the first picture) and I had to redo them. I also needed a hanging business card holder, which I made out of a dollar store mini-crate and twine. Cuz I’m posh like that. Winking smile And I had to complete my profile page and write an Artist’s Statement, which I had zero idea how to do. Hello, Google, my old friend…

And, then, on Friday morning, Leonard Nimoy died. As an Openly Proud Nerd, I was utterly destroyed. I cried all morning and my phone was blowing up with people texting me the news. I’ve watched and been a fan of Star Trek as long as I can remember and Mr. Spock was my favorite. He made being smart…well, smart! But, Nimoy was also a fan of unsolved mysteries, intellect, art, and he was a fellow photographer. Talk about a personal hero. He was custom-made for me and I took his death really hard.

So, just before The Hubs and I left to go to the reception, I made one more little tag to add to my display…

So I Entered An Art Show-4

Leonard Nimoy’s last Tweet was so appropriate and a perfect way for me to honor him at my first show.

Oh, and I also replaced my wrong QR codes with proper tags. LOL Now my QR code goes to my MySLArt profile and I even have that all complete with an real live Artist’s Statement! Go, me!

So I Entered An Art Show-3

See how nice my display looked after I dressed it up with the right stuff? Smile with tongue out

So I Entered An Art Show-5

The absolute best part of the night, though, was someone actually bought one of my pieces! I literally know nothing about the judges on the jury, or when they award “Best In Show” and all that, and I don’t really care. Because I sold an art piece! WOOT! I even made it on MySLArt’s Facebook page!

So I Entered An Art Show-6

There’s the official red dot, denoting that piece as SOLD! Squeeeeee!

So, even though I had to talk to people I didn’t know, even though I spent a good portion of the freezing night out back by their firepit, it was pretty much OK and I will definitely be doing it again. The Hubs, though, really needs to step up his game and be my manager. That way, he has to talk to all the people and judges and things. He’s good at that. Whereas I suck at that.

Now, I just have to try to pick three more of my photos for submission…ugh…

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