A Day in the City

So, as I said last week, The Hubs and I spent a few days in the city over spring break. Downtown St. Louis is full of historic locations, like the Gateway Arch, The Old Cathedral, The Old Courthouse, etc. There’s too many to list. But, like I said before, Downtown is full of beautiful old buildings, right next to shiny new ones. And, during the week, the traffic is crazy.

Downtown St. Louis, MO

And it doesn’t help that there seems to be road construction around every corner. How did I get this shot? Let me tell you…

I got stuck at a traffic light, reached around, grabbed my camera, and shot a bunch in a row. LOL

That’s the downside of hitting St. Louis on a whim. I can never find parking, The Hubs didn’t want to sit in the car while I jumped out every other second, so I was relegated to hoping my windshield was clean enough and stop lights lasted long enough for me to get what I wanted.

They weren’t. LOL So, another trip down is on the agenda. But, I’ll plan better next time. Maybe take the Metrolink down…

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