Vintage Japan

I love taking pictures. Love it. Obviously, right? But, one of the things I like to do is to make things with those pictures. Yes, I like to frame and hang them, but I also like to use photography to create things – items to sell, or even just to create the feel of a time long past. Like this:

Shaw's Winter Shoot-29

This picture, as it was taken, actually wasn’t much to look at. It’s winter, it’s kind of drab, and, if you get up close to that structure, it’s actually a block for some of the equipment used in the park upkeep. I just took the shot and thought that I’d later either “fix it in the mix” or delete it.

Instead of deleting it, I decided to plug it into Photoshop and really go to town. I wanted age and texture! I wanted to feel like it was decades old, maybe something out of an old Kurosawa movie.

These won’t be printed, per sea. My plan for this set of pictures I’m creating will be to mount them or transfer them to wood and put them up for sale in my Etsy shop. I have some neat techniques for transfer that really makes some nice pieces, so I’m excited to try them out with this! Be sure to check the shop from time to time!

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