The Outpost

Sometimes, on a freezing, snowy, dreary winter’s day, you have a total brainfart and think that it’s a good idea to jump in the car, drive for an hour, go take pictures along the banks of the Mississippi River. On the upside though, if you can keep your hands still enough, you find neat old structures and there’s no one else in sight to spoil your shot!

The River Outpost

Of course, when you get home and you import your pictures, no matter how hard you try, the sky is the same color as the water, the dreariness is like a wash over everything, and you’re lucky if you don’t have camera blur from shivering.

But, at least, you have plenty of stock to use to play with HDR! Post-processing frequently can make something really cool out of something really blah. Like this. I ended up really liking the end result of this. This is wall-worthy.

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