Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s Valentine’s Day and I have to say, I scored a big win in the “Valentine” department almost 25 years ago. The Hubs is the best. He just is. All these years later, I still know exactly how lucky I am…and I never take it for granted. There is no one else I would ever want riding shotgun on Life’s Road Trip!

My Valentine-6a

The Hubs, a.k.a. Mark, is an amazing guy. Married 25 years this July, he’s still my absolute #1 best friend. We aren’t big on “girls nights out” or “hanging with the guys.” We have friends, but above anyone else, we’d rather be together. He’s the best for deep conversations and debates. He’s a movie buff and a huge reader. A lot of the time, we are the only ones who like each other’s weird stuff. We do damn near everything together. We like to be together.

We hike together. Sometimes, I even want to go! Like, when it’s not cold, or raining, or snowing… Winking smile

My Valentine-1

And he carries my camera gear.

My Valentine-2

He rescues dogs with me…

My Valentine-3

…and he suffers through explosive puppy poop fumes like a champ.

My Valentine-5

He cosplays with me…and goes out in public!

RenFaire 2014

Mark will drive for miles and miles to take me anywhere I want to go, whether it’s with a carful of rescue dogs, another faire or festival to visit, or a hunt for a new location to photograph – he’s always up for the adventure. Nothing is too outrageous, too silly, and he’s never too busy to try to make a wish come true.

My Valentine-4

My Hubs is a talented musician, an involved dad, an inspiration for people trying to lose weight (read the feature article written on him HERE), a dedicated employee, a thoughtful boss, a creative soul, a caring son/brother/uncle, a true friend, a connected husband, an intellectual, an animal lover, and the dearest person to me ever to walk the planet.

My Valentine-10 My Valentine-8 My Valentine-11

My Valentine-9

I love my Hubs! 

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