The River Bird

With The Hubs being all Paleo and Exercise Man, even on the coldest days, I’ll often find myself nagged into keeping him company on one of his freezing cold walks. He loves extreme weather. He finds it invigorating. I like a walk or a hike as much as the next person, provided I’m not freezing to death like Jack Nicholson in The Shining…

Nonetheless, when I don’t get my heels dug in quickly and firmly enough, I’ll find I’m trotting along, desperately trying not to die of cold, pretending to enjoy myself in my 17 layers of clothes, that, should I actually die out there, I know will have me mistaken for a homeless person. I usually bring along my camera to keep myself distracted from my misery. That’s what happened the day I captured this playful fellow.

The River Barge-1

This particularly day, I couldn’t help but marvel 1) how ungodly cold it was walking along the Mississippi River, 2) how this particular bird seemed to be having a grand old time playing around the barges, and 3) that he miraculously kept his wings from freezing in place, while I was struggling to keep my fingers limber enough to press the stupid shutter button.

I hate, hate, hate being cold…

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