The Deer That (Almost) Got Away…

This picture almost got tossed. I’m sure there are some out there who think it still should be. It’s imperfect. The focus is sketchy. But, there is something about it I ended up really liking, after messing with it for several hours to see if it was even salvageable.

First Snow

This is one of those times where, for what I like about this picture, I would love to be able to say that I meant to do that and it was reflective of my great technique and talent. Ha! It’s not. It looked really crappy before I worked it in Lightroom, so maybe there’s some talent there, after all. Winking smile

After trying a ton of different presets, I had to start from scratch and adjust just about every single aspect of this picture, but the end result leaves the beautiful deer in focus as he briskly moves through the cemetery. I’m certainly glad I resisted my first impulse to toss this one.

You can purchase prints of this work HERE.

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