New Life for an Old Bike

I love finding new ways to use old things and, over the Christmas holidays, I was in Old Town St. Charles, MO, taking pictures of the main street, which is just chock full of incredibly historic buildings, cobblestone streets, and during the holidays, some of the most gorgeous decorations and engaging street performers you’ll find anywhere. You’ll find everything from a Revolutionary War-era band to 17th and 18th costumed choirs singing traditional Christmas carols.

I saw this adorable bike sitting next to the corner of one building, providing advertising for the business inside. I loved the creativity in keeping with the old-world feel of the street itself.

The Old Bike

The forlorn looking poinsettias in the basket on the back were even perfect to me. I need to remember this little trick when I have my own mobile studio/shop – plus, it will be handy to have a mode of transportation handy when I need to go get a cup of coffee. LOL

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