Goodbye 2014

I feel that niggling sentimentality sniffing at my edges again. It comes whenever there’s a true Turning of the Page, and a new year is certainly that. It’s possibly mental… Today is just a Wednesday, tomorrow just a Thursday, etc, and any day is a good day for change. It doesn’t have to be a seminal day to make a new start. It’s just a Wednesday, but it *is the last one of this year. So, I’ll indulge just a bit.

The solstice has passed and with it, we’ve passed another full cycle. Most importantly for me, it was passed with Mark, Samwise to my Frodo, who cannot carry it for me, but can, when necessary, carry me. Everyone knows that Samwise is the true heart and hero of the piece and that’s true of The Hubs, as well. He’s the heart and hero of my life. Time to suit up and lay the map out for the path we want to forge in the new year, my love. Any journey with you is a good journey.

And my wee bairns, my favorite humans, my youngest friends – Dylan, Connor, and Rhiannon. I hope 2015 brings success that you must work to achieve. Because the ‘success’ isn’t the outcome – everything is temporary – but success is learning *how. How to find it, what it is, and how to reach it. All things are temporary. Failure is temporary, too. Make the moves. Do the things. Be the change you want. Don’t be lazy. Don’t choose the easy over the goal. Learn the tools for overcoming challenges and that’s all you’ll ever need. I’ll be here supporting and helping and cheering you on.

And my friends and distant and not-so-distant family – the Usual Suspects, the Rennies, my FB friends and our Scotland family (all of whom are close in my heart, if not in proximity) – may your new year be fraught with adventures and fights for better and good things and laughter. And may we share it together, be it on the Back Deck or on the Book of Faces.

I have my ‘resolutions’ for 2015. *What they are isn’t important. That I move towards them as best I can is everything. And when I don’t move forward one day, I’ll just have to move forward some more the next.

So, this is my wish for *everyone this New Year… I wish you Enough.

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