Happy Halloween!

Hi, there! Glad you stopped by! We have a different kind of photoshoot to share today. LOL

Since I’ve shared our Halloween decorations before (and I didn’t add much new this year), I decided we’d have some fun with our costumes and do a mini-shoot on location!

Mark & Kristy - Halloween 2014 (2)

That’s The Hubs and I up there, and our partner, Jay, behind the camera. I’m sure we garnered some strange looks driving to the locations we used. Smile with tongue out More pictures after the page break!

I’ve had my costume for several years, as I dress up for our annual party and to give out candy to the little ones. The Hubster, however, decided that, this year, he wanted to get the matching men’s costume, especially since he’s lost all his weight and is feeling pretty snazzy. I wasn’t sure we’d still be able to find it, but, luckily, Amazon came through for us!

Mark & Kristy - Halloween 2014 (1)

Now, I’ve added several pieces to my costume over the years, including jewelry, silver “dancing slippers” (read: flats), a purse, and new slips under the skirt for fullness, but the Hubs was determined to catch up quick. He painted an old pair of boots silver-gray and found a decorative curtain rod with finial, added the rubber tip from an old crutch, and painted the whole thing in the same silver-gray to turn it into a proper Victorian ghost’s walking cane! Pretty cool, I must admit! Clever boy…

Mark & Kristy - Halloween 2014 (5)


Mark & Kristy - Halloween 2014 (4)

Yes, we went to a cemetery for our shoot. Don’t worry, though – I made sure no one was around. But, seriously, where else would you find ghosts but in a cemetery? And the old house we wanted to shoot at originally was hosting a wedding. We thought it would be better to crash an empty cemetery than a packed wedding.

(Full disclosuire: It actually did occur to me that it might be funny if we did crash the wedding and the newlyweds found a couple of ghosts haunting their wedding album later on. But, I reluctantly behaved myself and left the area when we saw the setup, knowing that I have a *wholly* inappropriate sense of humor. Winking smile )

Even so, that didn’t stop Jay from getting the shot we wanted originally, via the magic of Photoshop! Take one picture of said house from an old shoot, add the creepy couple from this shoot and voila! A couple of Victorian ghosts, inexplicably glowing in the shadows of their long-abandoned estate…

Mark & Kristy - Halloween 2014 (6)

Nice and decrepit, right from the grave… LOL

Mark & Kristy - Halloween 2014 (3)

So, there you have it. I hope you enjoyed our little Halloween silliness! And our best wishes to you all for a very fun and safe Halloween!

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