Tap, tap, tap… Is this thing on?
Psssst…Hey! Guess what?

After almost two weeks without my laptop, I’m finally back!
About a week or so before Christmas, my computer hit the skids and I couldn’t even log on to the darn thing! I gave up trying to fix it and took it into the repair shop. Nice guys, but they didn’t share my sense of urgency. LOL And, of course, the parts didn’t arrive at the repair shop until after Christmas. I thought I was never going to get the call to pick her up, but finally, finally, they called and said she was ready (they couldn’t fix my older backup, so I’m down to one now. Not that having two did me any good, since they were both down at the same time anyway.)
I’ve MISSED you guys! I’ve been keeping up on comments with my phone, but I can’t wait to get some posts prepped and ready! I’ll be starting tomorrow with my first Wordless Wednesday of 2013! I’ll share some of what we did over the Christmas holidays and try to catch up on all the creativity I’ve missed out on from you guys!

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