Ugh! Computer Problems!

Hey guys! I wanted to give you all the heads’ up that I am going to be on an enforced bloggy break for several days. I just got back from the local computer repair shop, where I had to drop off BOTH my laptops! One needs a new keyboard and I may get it back around the end of the week. The other had more serious issues and I don’t know when I will get that one back.

So, until I get at least one of my laptops back, I’m going to be a little stuck! If you are a new follower, be sure to leave me a comment and I’ll follow back! I get emails for all comments and can respond back to you that way. (Be sure you aren’t a NO-REPLY commenter – if you are are, I posted THE FIX for both Blogger and Google+ profiles last week!)

Anyway, I’ll still be on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter during my withdrawal. LOL Be sure to catch up with me there, too! I’ll be back as soon as I can! (Please, Mr. Computer Geek, make it sooner rather than later!)


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2 thoughts on “Ugh! Computer Problems!

  1. Denyse says:

    Ugghhh!! Is right. I had that problem last year…I couldn't blog for 6 months I had to break down and buy a new laptop. Hopefully they can fix yours.

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