The “WTWTW” Friday Movie Review!

Hey, everyone! YES! It’s the weekend and not a moment too soon!! This has been one aggravating week! Nothing huge, but just little things breaking, frustrations, etc. Stick a fork in me – I’M DONE! I’m ready for a glass of wine, a soft couch to put under my butt, a bucket of popcorn, and a movie! So, yeah, now seems a good time for Chad’s WTWTW movie Review!
WTWTW Movie Review
I need some laughs this weekend and so I’m gonna hand this off to Chad to hook us up!

Hey, everyone! I’m glad to be back with another movie review for you! This week, I’m going for the straight-out comedy, which is a new DVD release this week, as well.


WTWTW Movie Review - Ted

  • Director: Seth MacFarlane
  • Stars: Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Seth MacFarlane
  • Writers: Seth MacFarlane
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Rated: R (Unrated version also available)
  • Runtime: 106 minutes (112 minutes – unrated version)


The creator of Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane tries his luck in bringing his unique and boundary-less humor to the big screen. In Ted, MacFarlane writes, directs and stars. So if you don’t like TED, you really can blame Seth. Unlike Family Guy, which is animated, Ted is live-action/CG animated comedy. The plot is very simple, which was needed to pull off this sort of movie. A little boy has a favorite stuffed animal that he wishes could come to life and be his true life friend! (We’ve all been there, right?) Now, where this story differs from our own is that this little boy’s toy (TED) actually does come to life! Sounds like Disney, right? Now, let’s push ahead 20+ years and hilarity ensues! This movie shows how having a normal life, career, and steady girlfriend can be surprising hard to come by when you are always with your magical, and stuffed, childhood friend.

What I Think

Well, this movie is ground-breaking insofar as to the type of movie it is, with its particular type of stoner-vulgar comedy. The writing is fresh and funny and the entire cast does a great job. MacFarlane hits the big screen running and with this film, and the rest of his success, it’s only a little surprising that he is hosting the 2013 Oscars. This movie had me laughing the whole time. Two hours is long for a comedy move, but I barely felt the time passing. This is definitely worth the rental fee if you just want to relax and have some silly fun.
However, Kid friendly = NO! Stick with the R rating. Sexual situations, drug usage, language, and fecal matter humor makes this a film I would not be comfortable taking my thirteen-year-old niece to see. Do not let the cute plush teddy bear on the poster fool you. This is definitely an adult movie.
Disclaimer: I’m partial to the new stoner-humor (Knocked Up, Pineapple Express, Superbad, Your Highness, etc.). If you think these movies are childish and stupid, Ted may not be for you. Also, if you’ve ever watched The Family Guy on TV, you can imagine that it’s that type of humor, without the restraints of TV.

3.5 out of 5 Stars

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7 thoughts on “The “WTWTW” Friday Movie Review!

  1. Julie says:

    I did not see Ted but was in the other room while my hubby watched it. I'd advise not to have any kids in the house during this movie. I can stand a little cussing. This was every other word. To me, that's just plain ridiculous. There is no need for that. Just my opinion. Love your blog. New follower from Aloha hop.

  2. Paula Miller says:

    This is one movie I haven't seen yet, but need to! It's so fun to just sit and laugh for awhile 🙂

    Thanks for sharing with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party!


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