The “Goodwill Hunting” Monday Morning Report

Ermagerd!!! I’m SO glad you stopped by! I have GOT to tell you – I had one of the BEST thrifting weekends EVER! I probably spent more than I should have, but the stuff this weekend was just too good to pass up!

I purposely didn’t put my most favorite find in the collection picture up there! I’m saving that one for last! 🙂

Right off the bat, I found two cute khaki green jackets! They were so cheap, I decided to grab them both and my sister-in-law or my daughter can pick one and I’ll keep one! The scarf there is a perfect match for either jacket and those wedges were brand new! I mean, there wasn’t a single flaw on any of these, so I couldn’t just pass them up, right? This lot totaled $16.

So, this lamp, shade, and lighthouse were the next things we nabbed, my daughter and I. The tassels were the sell on that lamp, I’ll be honest. It’s nasty beige plastic, but I have an idea for a makeover that will make it the perfect compliment for the girl child’s Steampunk room. Look for this lamp in an upcoming post for sure! 

The little lighthouse was something my daughter picked up for my mom-in-law. It’s become tradition. My mom-in-law collects lighthouses and now, whenever we find one of these, Girl Child buys it for her Nano. 🙂 It’s so sweet and it’s something she can afford to do on her own.

This lot totaled $7.

How cool is this clock?! Found this replica Kensington Station clock at one of the Goodwills on my tour and it was NEW WITH TAGS! The tag on the back still shows $39.99, but I grabbed it for $10! I was going to put it aside for stock, as, again, it is in perfect shape, but I made the mistake of hanging up in my kitchen to see how it would look. Let’s just say it looks really good and it ain’t coming back down. LOL 

Now, I’m sure you’re looking at this picture and thinking, “I know her kids are teenage and up. What the heck is she doing with a Nerf gun?” Well, let me tell you! As you know, the Girl Child is big into Steampunk and Cosplay and this is the exact model Nerf gun that all the Steampunkers modify to make an awesome Jules Verne-looking gun! They are actually really tough to find! Ours for $3

The $1 photography book is hopefully going to to improve my skills. LOL 

I found this handy little charging station with one little scratch on the left hand side, right at the crossbar, for $6. Again, I thought it would go for stock, but The Hubster nabbed it pretty darn quick. I’m not going to complain – his nightstand could stand some organization!

And these treasures were actually just for me! Another brand new frame, a GORGEOUS lace shawl, the Victorian bag, and the little potpourri ball and stand. Look for these to pop up in another post later, because The Hubster both simultaneously spoiled me and created a design headache for me in one fell swoop!! 

This lot totaled $16.

But this was my FIND OF THE WEEKEND! 

How long have I been looking for the awesome real vintage suitcases everyone else seems to get with no problem?! Well, this weekend, I found an awesome little shop called Modern Vintage Decor and OMG! She had SIX of them! I probably would have bought them all if The Hubster hadn’t intervened! I’m going back for more, though! This one cost me $15.

So, the best part is I came away with all of this for $74 (check my math, though – I’m great at refurbishing, but god-awful at math – true story)! It was a little beyond what I normally budget for the weekend, but it’s going to knock out at least two projects I wanted to get done in our house, plus I have something new to wear! 

OK, now it’s your turn! What did you do this weekend? Leave me a comment and let me know! 

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  1. Just Jenn says:

    Love your finds! The suitcase is awesome. I love vintage suitcases as well. I have seen beautiful ways people turn them into side tables, or even wall shelves. Congrats on your loot!


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