Master Bedroom Closet – MASTERED!

Last week, in one of my warts-and-all moments, I shared with you the disaster zone that was my closet. Before I could tackle all the fun stuff of making my bedroom over into the oasis/sanctuary of my dreams, I knew I had to tackle this mess:

So, after gathering some great goodies to make over my master bedroom, I forced myself to knuckle down and turn this mess into a workable clothes closet!

The first thing I did was take a quick inventory of what I had and to get rid of the things I actually haven’t worn or used in awhile. That ended up being two garbage bags full of stuff dropped off to Goodwill! (Note to self: try not to end up rebuying said stuff.)

Now, as you can see, I’ve made attempts before. I had installed a decent wire rack system and the 4-drawer kit that went along with it. I even had a 9-section cardboard shoe organizer! LOL But, I have bags of stuff I only rarely need, far more than 9 pairs of shoes, and four dogs who have an affinity for any suede boots I try to bring home.

On my Pinterest boards, I have several great ideas for storing purses and shoes, particularly my insane collection of flip-flops, but this one I found on Better Homes and Gardens is my favorite. While I did attempt it, the configuration I had for my drawers wasn’t letting the purses hang right. First thing I did was to lower the wire drawers. Now my purses hang securely, without dropping off the hooks from being held up by the drawers! 

It was an easy fix, but I still had to install wall brackets further down to the floor, since I couldn’t afford to give up one of the drawers. It’s so much easier to see and find my purses.

Once I moved my drawers down closer to the floor, I realized that I had the perfect solution for my dogs’ fascination (and hunger) for my suede boots! I made my bottom drawer the one with my hats, scarves, gloves, etc. and left enough space on top of the drawer to put those boots I don’t want the dogs to be able to get at! (I also keep my favorite leather backpack there with the broken latch that I swear I’m going to fix one of these days! LOL)

Boots that don’t seem to fascinate the dogs fit nicely underneath the bottom drawer. Seasonal clothes are easily switched out from storage to the wire drawers. And having that drawer full of my hats and accessories at the bottom makes it easy to see what I’m looking for.

Now, the floor and upper shelves of of my closet was always cluttered with those bags I told you about. I have a swim bag that I keep in stocked and ready and also bags of costume and renaissance faire accessories that I only use once or twice a year. (Yes, I’m weird like that. I’ll take any excuse to wear a costume!) I have never had an actual place for these bags to live. I would just shove them wherever they would be out of sight.

So, I grabbed a few of these Command Brand Adhesive Hooks to place at the back and sides of my closet, out of the way, but off the floor and safely stored. With a 5 lb. weight capacity each, they’ve worked out awesomely! I was skeptical of the adhesive staying in place as I moved my clothes back and forth around the bags, but I have not had one problem. They are sticking like champs! Well played, 3M, well played…LOL

The find of the project was the Sterilite Shoe Boxes I found on sale at Target for $.93 a piece! I bought a dozen and moved my seasonal shoes and dress shoes that I don’t wear every day up off the floor and onto the high shelf in my closet that had previously just been wasted space and a cluttered mess!

For all my daily wear shoes (my Converse tennis shoes, my unending flip-flop collection, my slippers – basically, every shoe that keeps me from being considered a “fashionable adult”), I picked up this nifty Over The Door Shoe Organizer from Target that holds 24 pairs of my favorite footwear! I even have a few empty slots left over for future purchases and I utilized the wasted space behind my bedroom door. Plus, the colors match perfectly with the color scheme I have chosen for the makeover! 

Now, I can find everything I need and I don’t have tons of clutter on the floor, shoved under the furniture, and, best of all, I don’t have to keep the door of the bedroom shut!

I will be replacing those missing closet doors, but I’ll replace them with a fabric curtain that will complement and soften the room and give me the excuse to hang some decadent curtain rods and tie-back hooks! And I want to install a light in the closet, as well. But that will have to wait until the bedroom is completely painted.

And painting the bedroom is the very next step! At least I won’t be getting paint all over my shoe pile now! Stay tuned!

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19 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Closet – MASTERED!

  1. The Girls from Whimsically Homemade says:

    I know this feeling! You should see my closet…filled with nothing but clothes and crafting supplies and a COMPLETE disaster. I think I might have to take some inspiration from you and tame that closet. Thanks for stopping by and linking up at the Monday Mixer at Whimsically Homemade!

  2. Jeanne says:

    Hanging your curtain with curtain rings will make opening and closing it a snap, as easy as good working sliding doors. Saw you at Debbie Doos and you have quite inspired me to do something with my closet. Happy Monday!

  3. Barbara Hiatt says:

    Kristy, when can you come by and 'master' my master closet??! You did a great job!
    Thanks for joining the fun at Keep Calm and Link Up! Make sure to come back next Friday to see if you were featured!

    Barbara at Chase the Star
    chasethestar dot net

  4. Jocie@TheBetterHalf says:

    What a big difference. I totally need to organize my closet, for realz! Found you through the Saturday Social and would love if you came and linked up with us. We’re giving away one free week of ad space for one lucky feature, and our blog gets thousands of hits per day! Hope to see you there!

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