Monday Morning Quickie

Hey, friends! It’s Monday and after the busy weekend we had, including my middle son’s graduation, I now have a ton of housework to catch up on. So, as a general rule, I will cut corners wherever I can to expedite the catch-up process! 

One of my tricks is to throw anything and everything that I possibly can into the dishwasher. LOL I put in glass light fixture covers, toothbrushes, my glass birds from Scotland, etc. But oftentimes, the protective padding or non-skid rubber on the bottom of my items comes off in the process. That would include my well-used spoonrest.

While I was perusing my local Dollar Store (LOVE that store!), I found a four pack of the rubber mesh hot pads. Hey, for a buck each, I grabbed several just to keep on hand! 

I ran my spoonrest through the dishwasher, as I am wont to do. And, of course, the non-skid bottom came right off. It was nice and clean, but bangy and noisy on my nice new(ish) gas stove. And then I remembered my hot pad stash. 

I grabbed one pad from my stash and went to work.

I prepped the spoonrest with painter’s tape, to keep my spray adhesive from covering the whole thing. The I liberally sprayed the bottom surface with the adhesive.

I applied my cut-to-size piece of rubber hot pad to the bottom of the spoonrest and let it dry.

Now, my spoonrest is as good as new, my stovetop is protected, and, even though I’m going to try to remember to clean my spoonrest every time I use it right away, if I do have to throw it in the dishwasher again, I know this ten-minute/$1 fix will work again if necessary!

I have used those hot pads in so many situations! I cut four squares and adhered them to the bottom corners of my vintage bread box, to keep it from sliding on my granite countertop. I did the same when I refinished a desk for my daughter, to keep the glass top in place, as well. 

This little gem has been a lifesaver here more than once. I will never be without a stash of those rubber hot pads again!

Do you often find new and different uses for common household items? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks for using things in different ways! And I’d also love for you to subscribe to my blog and/or follow me on Facebook or Twitter! Keeping up with all YOUR creativity inspires me!

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