Pinterest Inspired Pet Bed!!

Making our home friendly for The Girl Child’s Teacup Yorkie, Abbey, has been one of the main focuses we’ve had since we got her. She’s so little and what’s accessible to our other three dogs is just too big for her! After finishing the Pet Steps, we were on a hunt for a bed for the little stinker that would, again, go with my daughter’s Steampunk-themed room. And, having no luck. 

So, awhile ago, I found this awesome picture of a pet bed made from a round vintage suitcase and immediately thought Abbey! 

                                                                               Source: via Kristy on Pinterest

Well, I didn’t have an old Samsonite luggage set lying around, but I did manage to find one of Craigslist!

It was in decent shape, a little dirty from storage and the lining was pulled away from the sides.

Now I was originally going to paint this, but the more my daughter looked at it, the more she liked the original vintage color (girl after my own heart!) so we decided to leave the color as it was. Now for a good cleaning.

Since we weren’t going to do much to the case, out came my trusty glue gun. 

Since the lining seemed to have shrunk, I glued small sections and clamped it, allowing it to fully dry before moving onto the next section, leaving the clamp in place to prevent it from pulling away. 

Now, I was going to make a cushion for the inside of the suitcase (which is easily done), but while rummaging through my favorite Goodwill store, I found a brand new pet bed for sale for $3! Yeah, that’s way easier…LOL 

The suitcase is ready to pick up and go if you travel with your dog a lot. Just put their special items inside and you’re all set! 

Now, I would like to put a creative decal on the outside and maybe a pocket on the inside, but I think this will do for the moment. And my daughter loves it! So glad I tried this project. Total expense was the $10 I spent on the suitcase!

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  1. Kelsey says:

    This turned out GREAT! I wish my pup was small enough for this. Thanks so much for linking up to the Embracing Friends Blog Hop!


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