Visions & Secrets & Wishes – OH MY!

Now, this may sound like it’s going to be a lot of hoo-doo in this post, but I promise it’s not! 😉

A couple years ago, there was a DVD making the rounds of my husband’s office. It was The Secret and it was supposed about wishing for something out loud, which would, in turn, send that wish out to the universe, and would finally come true. That’s pretty much it in a nutshell, at any rate. Anyway, the DVD finally found its way to my husband’s desk and then to my DVD player. Now I like a good ghost story, conspiracy theory, etc, but I definitely prepared to view this “documentary” with a healthy dose of skepticism. 

I have to say, while I still don’t believe in wishes magically coming true, I got one thing out of this DVD and it’s worked remarkably well – the idea of creating a Vision Board.

This is our Vision Board for 2012 – Got some empty spaces!

The hubster and I share a board. For the most part, on big goals, we want the same things. Plus, for our individual wants or needs, we are really good at taking an interest and working to make sure that those are met for each other. 

This is our second year of creating one of these boards and we have had some incredible success. I don’t know if the Universe has been in a wish-granting mood, but what I do know is this: by creating a visual reminder of the things we want to accomplish, want to save for, or want to work on, we have been so much better at keeping our eyes on the ball! It seems like such a simple thing, but it has made a huge difference in what we get done throughout the course of the year. 

I have adopted this “visual” approach to my organization tools, too. The spectacular popularity of Pinterest appeals to my visual methods. Pinterest lets me keep visual “notes” of things I want to learn or try, information I may need later on, and ideas for decor or design that I don’t want to forget.

But I carry it even further. I’m a major user of Microsoft OneNote both on my laptop and my iPhone. I use these once I have a definite project in mind. 

On my laptop, I keep “Kristy’s Notebook”. My Project section contains about 11 projects I have in the planning stages. Each project has it’s own page and includes supply lists, color ideas, pictures, weblinks, etc. 

I also have a Gardening section with a picture reference for my deck and backyard. When I go plant shopping in the spring, I can easily remember each little section that needs some life and I even have pictures of plants I’d like to put in each location. 

Other sections include a Wishlists section (for keeping track of gift ideas all-year round), a Travel section (for trip details, expenses, and a packing list), a Recipe section, and my “How Low Can You Go” list (which is a list of anything and everything I would like to find at my weekly thrift store runs).

I keep my husband’s favorite section , the Honey-Do List, right at the front. 😉

I also have one section for that Vision Board I mentioned, with the same pictures I have printed out and put on the board itself. I can easily jot down a note or idea regarding one of those items and keep on track. By linking our tactile board that hangs in our bedroom with the section in my notebook, I rarely have the opportunity to lose track of what we consider to be the “big picture.” Better focus = better success rates.

The best thing about my system is that it transfers automatically to my phone. When I go to the hardware store or Goodwill, I have my list in my hand. The reality is, I have a jillion ideas at any given moment and the attention-span of a magpie. I know this. 

But here’s my secret: I’m not this super-organized person – I have simply developed some systems to try to circumvent my natural tendency towards utter chaos. LOL

There are several other options (some free) that are similar to OneNote. EverNote and Springpad are both great free options, with desktop and smartphone apps and tons of features to help you stay on top of whatever it is you want to do.  

The key here is to find a way to make yourself practically infallible. Find the method that triggers your creativity and excitement. For me, that’s making a grown-up version of a picture book, with links and information behind it. 

When you make a detailed plan, whether it’s a new budget (ugh) or an entire room overhaul, you have a better chance of getting through to the end.

What are your methods or tools for keeping creative and organized? I’d really love to hear from you, as I’m always interested in new ideas for keeping my head on straight!

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9 thoughts on “Visions & Secrets & Wishes – OH MY!

  1. Cindy F. Adkins says:

    Thanks for following me back! It's nice to meet a fellow tea-lover! I watched The Secret a few years ago and I've made a couple Vison Boards since then. I think they're fun. It's a great way to keep our goals and dreams in focus. There's something about actually "seeing" them that helps,I think. I need to make a new one for this year!! Have a great week!

  2. Cinthya says:

    These are awesome ways to stay organized. I'm still old fashioned and use the old noodle and a notebook. A five tab notebook. Lol. Maybe I should get with the time.

  3. Kristy Creighton says:

    Cinthya, I think if the notebooks work for you, then you should stick with it! That's they key: finding your best tools! For me, notebooks and simple lists end up "out-of-sight, out-of-mind." LOL

  4. PletcherFamily says:

    I saw your blog name on "People I want to Punch in the Throat", so I wanted to say hello! I try using a calendar that I found on Amazon that has us divided by person. Each person has their own row, and I have to have it hanging in the kitchen where I see it multiple times a day. Otherwise I am SURE to miss something! I have never found something that works ALL the time. 🙂 Wish I could!

    Take care,

  5. D @ The Shady Porch says:

    Hi Kristy, welcome to blogging. I love your organization methods. I especially like your Vision board! I'd like to get my hubby on board with that idea! I'm glad you found The Shady Porch and shared your info! I am your newest follower now too! I look forward to reading more in the future!

  6. ARod says:

    Hi Kristy, I'm your newest follower and i just love this post I've been working on vision board but with the idea's in post now i see how to make it all come together thanks so much for sharing

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