Starting a BIG Project

First of all, let me introduce you to Nano, my wonderful Scottish mother-in-law. She is the youngest 81-year-old you would ever want to meet! Unlike many of her contemporaries, Nano LOVES to change things up. That’s her, trying out an iPod. LOL And when Nano wants to change things up, you’re likely to arrive for dinner and find a paintbrush next to your dinner fork! LOL

This is Nano. This is Nano on an iPod.
This is also Nano’s dull kitchen

While you are looking at that picture, take note of the kitchen, because THAT is my next big project! Now, we have, in some way shape or form, redone most of the rooms in her house. We turned a bedroom into a den. We put in crown molding. We painted, wallpapered, repainted, stripped, and repainted yet again. We even took out an entire concrete patio and replaced it with a river stone rock garden!

The woman knows her trends and she doesn’t care for “old-fashioned.”  And it doesn’t take long for something to get “old-fashioned”, let me tell you!

So, she is taking a trip back home to Scotland in April for her great-niece’s wedding. And for her Mother’s Day gift, we are going to be remodeling her kitchen while she’s gone! 

I have to admit, as big of an undertaking as it is, I’m pretty excited. She loves the new trend in Coastal Decor. I’ve set up a board in Pinterest just for ideas for her kitchen. 

                                                                               Source: via Kristy on Pinterest

Now, this is going to be a creative remodel, as she’s on a fixed income and, darn it, I didn’t win the lottery again. So, I’ve got a blue countertop and custom cabinets that were never finished properly by the original installer to work with. Plus, most of them are broken. Add to that an extensive trivet collection to be hung creatively. Upside, though, is she has a lovely tongue-and-groove wood floor already!

                                                                        Source: via Kristy on Pinterest


Now, this isn’t my first kitchen remodel. I LOVE the massive changes you can make in the heart of the house. But I don’t know if any room involves the level of work that the kitchen does, except maybe a bathroom. I know when we redid our kitchen, a simple paint job turned into cutting granite, rebuilding walls, running plumbing, etc. I washed dishes in the bathtub for a month!

We were stuck with pink tile and white walls
when we moved in. I could have died!
Honestly, who puts in pink tile and counters?
After being inspired by my old M*A*S*H*
T-shirt, I was so excited to get my
khaki green, red, and black!
New appliances also helped quite a bit. LOL 

I will be blogging this project, of course! This will be a busy spring! Do you like the new trend in coastal decor? This will be my first full-on project with it. I would love to hear ideas and suggestions!

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