My First Blog Post

Wow, my first blog post! On my very own blog! Why, hello there, deep end!! Allow me to jump off! LOL

First of all, if you are reading this, let me tell you – that right there is making my day! I love blogs. LOVE them! I’m always amazed that the number of blogs I subscribe to hasn’t broken Google Reader or something. There are so many talented DIY bloggers out there, why I thought I had anything to add is beyond me. But, nonetheless, I decided to jump into the blogosphere with some creativity of my own.
Why Shona Skye, you may ask? Well, it’s named for my beloved Scottish terrier, Shona, who died a few years ago and was my faithful buddy through life and projects alike. And Skye is my daughter’s middle name, after the Isle of Skye off the coast of Scotland, where my husband is from. My daughter is budding talent, too, and I hope someday she shares some of her own projects here.
This blog is the result of years of necessity turning into a passion. When we got married (late in the last century – ha!), we had no money, one baby, and a bajillion bills. I was always a creative person, but I hated the thought of living in a place that looked like a Goodwill. Mind you, I adore Goodwill, but I wanted to make our first apartment look like “Million Dollar Homes” with a “Design on a Dime” budget. So, I shopped at Goodwill and started making what I had look as good as I could.
And it looked pretty decent! So I tried a few more things. And people asked where I got something or how did I make something else! 
Even now, decades later, I still shop at Goodwill, thrift stores, garage sales, etc. Why? Because I want to!! I want to create, reuse, repurpose, upcycle – make it unique!! It’s fun, it’s economical (which is still important when you have two boys in college), it’s creative, and, once you are finished, it’s YOURS!
Buying designer is fine – but it’s not unique. If you bought it, so did probably a hundred other people. You are unique.
Which brings us back to this – my first blog post. I want someone who never hammered a nail, stripped a piece of wood, or sewed a single stitch before to simply try. You don’t need a ton of lessons and you don’t need to be an expert. I know this because I wasn’t then and I’m not now. If I can do something, believe me, you can too. Nothing I do will be perfect. That’s not the point.
So, watch this space. Subscribe. Follow me as I continue to create and learn on the job. There is only one mistake you can make – not trying. Everything else is just a learning opportunity!

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7 thoughts on “My First Blog Post

  1. Cindy F. Adkins says:

    Congratulations! I'm glad to see you joined Debbie Doos Newbie Party. When I first started blogging, her link party added a lot of followers to my blog! By the way, Goodwill is one of my favorite stores!! I don't do too many "big"projects, but I'm an artist, so I find smaller things I can turn into treasures, or paint on (it's cheaper than buying canvas!)
    Welcome to Blogland!

  2. Kristy Creighton says:

    What a fantastic idea for your art, Cindy! I have an entire Sunday ritual – after breakfast, I visit all my nearby Goodwills and thrift stores, just to see what I can find!

    I'm so excited to have my blog up and going (finally), but I'm nervous too! LOL I love the linky-parties, as I have wasted many the hour clicking on all those awesome projects myself! I'm glad to know that they are going to be good for growing my blog, too. I've found so many great blogs to follow myself that way!

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