Google Friend Connect Ending! What to do??

As you may or may not know, Google is taking away that handy little Friend Connect widget you see on tons of your favorite blogs! I love it, too, and am sad to see it go. It’s fun to see when you get a new follower and to see the smiling faces of the folks who enjoy your work! 

So how can you stay up to date with all your favorite blogs? Well, I don’t know what Google will be replacing the Friend Connect tool with (if anything), but here’s some options for keeping in touch and up-to-date!

On most blogs (mine included), you’ll see a series of buttons you can click on to find your favorite bloggers wherever they’re at! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, maybe even Google+ or Tumblr. Click on any of those buttons to be taken to their other pages. 

But you can still subscribe to blogs via RSS feed in whatever reader you choose (I use Google Reader. For me, it’s the easiest to use and it syncs with my RSS feed reader app on my phone, so I can read the blogs I follow anywhere. I use the Pulse iPhone app, which lets me follow up to 60 of my favorites on the go! I love it!)

To subscribe in a reader, click that orange button.

When you do, you should pull up a menu that looks like this:

You can choose Google or any of those other readers show by simply clicking on their button. If you don’t see your reader, click on the “choose your reader” bar for a drop-down menu of more choices.

Or you can choose to subscribe via e-mail and have our posts delivered right to your inbox! You can also add the direct feed right to your browser, where it will update as needed.

So be sure to stay connected with those blogs you’ve been following! Re-subscribe using one of the alternative methods shown here before March 1st! We’d miss you!

(I would love for you to come back to visit, so please SUBSCRIBE using Linky Friends or one of the other buttons I have up there at the top on the right. And find me on Facebook and Twitter, as well! )


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One thought on “Google Friend Connect Ending! What to do??

  1. Holly Lefevre says:

    This is crazy…it will be interesting to see what happens with GFC, etc. Anyway I followed you on Facebook, and RSS and google+ and Pinterest (well trying I keep getting an error code!) Thanks for coming by my place!
    504 Main!

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